Homing gun

the gun that homing direct to the chicken every chicken each chicken or split out when have mutiple chicken
lv 1 thin and damage very low
lv 5 fire 3 bullet and can split out and homing to the chicken
lv 10 fire 5 big bullet homing the chicken
lv 20 fire 6 bullet and each of it will kill 1.5 chicken
cost 670 key

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It’s a super nice idea! I would like to see this into the game. Unfortunately, if it were to be implemented, the achievement for accuracy would be pointless. So it has it’s pros and cons so far.

It’s way too much damage, even Fork Weapon would be outmatched in damage since it homing directly into the chickens. One way to repair this would be to overheat it after 3 to max. 4 seconds of continuous left click ( or right click depends on you ).

If they were to add this weapon I would like to see it more expensive, since it is so powerful. The power output is low at the beginning but is way too big at the end. That said, somewhere around 2k or even 3k would be an accurate price, in my opinion.

Not a bad idea tho, gotta give you that.

I think it’s a very bad idea, personally. This game just isn’t made for homing weapons, for a variety of reasons.

Reason 1.

Making the gameplay tedious more than anything.

And the strongest weapons costs a bit over 6 hundred. Not unbalanced at all.

Homing weapons would just remove the risk of some bosses and waves. Reason 2.


I don’t really know how you can say that considering that we know literally nothing about its stats. There are many factors to consider when balancing weapons, and all we know about it so far is that it’s homing and that at :zap:20 “it will kill 1.5 chicken” (what is that even supposed to mean?).

Easily fixable with spread or RNG, not at all a problem.

I feel like none of the reasons you listed are particularly compelling.

I was actually thinking about suggesting a homing blaster type of weapon a few days ago, but I don’t have much time lately and I already made way too many weapon suggestions to be honest.

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Understandable. It would take away the shine of the game. I would still love to see it as a test. More or less, it would have the fun factor and OP-ness. Maybe use it as something you get as a drop, legendary one at that, in the long mission like 100waves ( or more no clue if there are bigger ones ). Something like 1 drop in 20000 chickens slain in a mission ?

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You don’t need to quote the whole post, just my complaints.

The only remote usefullness I can see is for the people that love mindless killing chickens at a very fast rate.

The 1.5 chicken slaying part is killing one chicken and maybe damage half of another one?

I don’t have as much experience, I used the knowledge I have of the game so far. If it is fixable, then hell yeah, I would love to see a homing weapon into the game.

Hope that you’ll get the free time you desire! Take it easy!

Was faster that way P:

That was a part of Chicken Invaders after you got the Fork Weapon in the previous games, it was quite fun to see something you struggled with get done so easily after you grinded. That’s pleasure in itself

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Something like this would break:

  • Squack Missions in their entirety;
  • Misterious Ship Approaches boss;
  • UCOs and Crabs (Not entirely)
  • 2/3 of the Superchick;
  • In many waves you colud just stay in a corner and obliterate everyting with minimal movement;
  • I would make it too tedious to kill bosses that spawn waves of chickens, for I assume the weapon locks on the closest target;
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Actually, you assume pretty much everything here, which is why you’re finding all these problems. So instead of immediately crossing out a weapon which is as basic a concept as it can be, think about how these problems could be solved.

Hint: almost every problem you listed can be solved with one very simple change.

I don’t really have anything else to say at this point, there is absolutely no sense in discussing a weapon with no stats. We’re just discussing a bare concept here, and nothing else.

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I know that it will remain a basic concepts, so that’s why I’m doing it, except now the creator will improve it just to trool me.

The only thing I can think to improve this concept is to give it close-range lock-on. Like the streams with a bit more range.

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Was this actually what you were hinting at?

I was thinking on that too, they get homing when they are at certain distance from any target.

I would say that it could be a problem on low end computers, which is a target that can’t be forgotten in a game like this. I remember having lag spikes when using hypergun and corn shotgun on my old Sempron, so a weapon that shoots multiple projectiles that are constantly seeking for targets could be a strong hit on CPU load for older systems.


We need to first improve our original weapons,as right now we have:

An extremely unfuturistic and overpowered fork dispenser
A very fast gun that’s so fast that it misses everything
A weapon that might have been powerful if it hit everything
A folding purple “stream”
An overheating-happy purple beam
A dumb gun
The fastest weapon in game that takes nearly a minute to kill a chicken
A bunch of bugs called “photons”
A white gun that has a dark blue gift
A parody of lightning in empty space
An energized atom-based weapon that’s smaller than one based off subatomic particles
A subatomic based weapon that’s bigger than one based off energized atoms
Some French fries called lasers

That doesn’t mean concepts cannot be suggested. Besides, our boi is taking care of that.

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Well,yes,concepts can be posted,but our last update on weapons came out,what,seven months ago?
Who’s the boi,anyway?

1Galbatorix1, besides, if the spoken of one is reading this, why the 1s in your username? Are they just random?

Like xo(insert you name here) xo you see on Instahgram,I guess.


Weapon names is something that can’t be taken that serioisly, in my opinion.

So, if you’re trying to find sense on how something that generates ions and separate neutrons can be really a gun, you will find only a hard time. It’s only a cool sounding name, that’s it. But anyway, if there is a weapon which only issue is

then that particular weapon has not many things wrong with it, right? Also, the shards are still blue-ish when they are cold, it’s just very bright but you can see the blue trail on them.

I will guess and say that these are boron railgun and hypergun, right?

Anyway, I do agree with you that first we need the weapons fixed, but it doesn’t hurt to talk about concepts.