"Homing Fireworks" Weapon Concept

Well, well, basically rockets that target any type of enemie that appears in the game but, since its a game which we kill some chickens in the space, lets declare that they are fireworks instead of rockets, yeahhh.

Also, worth to mention, this is my first weapon concept that i ever made for this game, so i have made my best to think about most of the concept since its not easy to make a balanced weapon from what i seen before. (And my apologies for the incredibly garbage examples, i cannot photoshop properly yet and im currently practicing to get better in that, so the fireworks are just png images.)

With that said, let’s start with this thing.

Firepower levels

  • Before we get into the firepower levels, here is this image that gives some kind of info to the fireworks to avoid some confusion

Once one of the rockets like the Model I, II or III hit an enemie, it emit a little explosion which also emittes 10 sparkles that does an specific damage to the enemie, sparkles also dissapear after 3.6 seconds, while the fourth rocket does hit an enemy does an inmense explosion with a blast radius of 20 metres and 300 points of damage. Next by this there is more information of the rocket models

Rocket I

Rocket II

Rocket III

Rocket IV

(0,222 Firerate is the same one as corn shotgun firerate when its at 10 :zap: )

And there are all of the examples of the firepower levels

Level 0 (with also an example of the sparkles when they damage an enemy unit)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 20

Homing System

Basically any enemy that the rockets can find in the screen will be targeted with semi-guided rockets, this rockets have a period of time of 1,214s until the rocket stop targeting the enemy, if there aren’t any enemies in the screen, the rockets will just fly messy straight until they have left the screen. Altrough, obviusly they will not be able to target in all the angles since they have his specific range, if the enemy unit its out of range, the enemy will not be targeted.

Example of how the homing system works:

Example of the Range:


Somehow i thought that overdrive whould be… not nessesary? I mean, i got a feeling that it doesn’t deserve to have overdrive, but thinking more deeper on this, there is no excuse to not have overdrive like the other weapons, after all, the only thing it will do is increase his firerate.


I’m writing this after doing the whole concept and i found 2 problems that i will probably fix anytime soon.

  1. The total damage its immense in my own point of view and having in mind what all the rockets chase one enemy.

  2. I have completely forget the whole existencie of Bombers.

Thats it, i’ve been working in this thing for 9 days in my daily 20 free seconds.

Constuctive feedback is always more than welcome


While I do like the concept, it’s a bit unbalanced. I mean, 4k dps for fp 0 is a bit excessive :sweat_smile:


Noted, thanks!

I will plan to fix that as soon i have time to focus on it

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I’ve done some changes in my graphic for firerate and damage which approximately will low the dps a bit, just one question, which total of total of dps whould be acceptable for FP 0? Since i will change most of the levels stats.

Do it can be around 1000dps - 2000dps in FP 0?

Uh, sure I guess

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