Hologram Bomb Trap and Toxic Bomb

  1. Hologram Bomb Trap: It is brought by chickens just like a normal bomb. The bomb is not in the enemy’s place, but it is beneath one enemy. Is not orange but blue, that’s not all, it can blend into the background, which makes it hard to see. It explodes blue without hurting enemies, but you. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be fly in, and from then on, you have a moment to explode.
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  2. Toxic Bomb: A green Toxic Bomb, slightly larger than the normal one and has a slightly larger firing area. Explodes green when hit, and leaves a Toxic Cloud, like Toxic Chicken. (The explosion hurts enemies and the cloud can only kill you)
    Bomb (1)

The hologram bomb seems really interesting, i think its worth a challenge.

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Thanks, I also encourage to do so!

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Hologram bomb is a stroke bomb

how is hologram bomb avoidable?

i can’t really see it without focussing on the background


You need to be careful, it’s a Hologram Trap! All you can do is fly up to it and escape the explosion quickly. The bomb can also disappear after killing enemies.

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Dunno man the hologram bomb looks OP.

Especially in darkness missions.

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