Hold on a second

When was the “good” idea of deleting the Early Access Data without the CHL? I have long absent from this game and now you force us to restart all over while those with CHL benefits from it? That’s bullshit!. I’m sorry for being this savage but i’m not sorry about you wipe all data that people have hard time farming for 4 years just to left in vain??!!?? IA, wake up, get some help. However, if this is just rumors, then frick to those whose spread this rumors up. And if this is the wrong topic, it’s just I don’t have time seeing it up, so sorry about it.

Yes, “frick to those whose spread this rumors up”. But you do lose your account if you are inactive for 12 months without any purchases or linking to an email, which still applies even after Early Access ends. You cannot lose your data for any other reason.

Support page:
All of your account data is kept on the game’s servers. The only thing you save locally is a small token (which tells the servers which data is yours). This consumes CPU time (because your account data needs to be indexed and searched), storage space (on the disk and the database), and network bandwidth (because it must be transmitted to other players). All of these things come both at a technical and an economic cost. This makes it necessary to periodically clear out inactive accounts. Typically this happens after 6-12 months of inactivity, but under certain circumstances the period could be shorter (if you have only played for a few minutes total, for example).


All it takes is setting up an email and linking it to your ciu account and it will absolutely never be deleted.


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