Hiring wingmen

So the idea is essentially having something similar to hensolo from ultimate omelet
with a keys you can ask a wingman to tag along on per-mission basis.

Just like ultimate omelet, wingman would be

  • invulnerable
  • has a fixed weapon and firepower is always set at 8
  • depending on the wingman you’d hire they’re gonna have their own unique weapon (assigned perhaps?)

you can’t hire a wingman in iron man, galactic cup, and dares

why this feature?

you can say that a wingman is very important as a fallback plan in case you lose firepower for the mission being too difficult

Sorry to burst your bubble man but… Wingmen ideas have been suggested god knows how many times already.


Billions? Trillions? Quadrillions? Hmm…
Jokes aside, Hen Solo won’t be in CIU because of Copyright problem (most likely) balancing problem is why it isn’t have a chance to be appeared.

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It has discussed many times , wingman is copyrighted .

just winging it

no, zaq did not ask for hen solo, just the wingman

man with wings but in space

wingman is already suggested many times and tbh it’s not a very good idea.

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