Hide HUD Background

Hear me out, this effect is really cool and i want it to be on at all times.
Maybe toggle in the settings or color theme?

  • Yes
  • No
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Adding unnecessary settings would just be a stupid thing
It is nice but it would just be unnecessary
It will just be there not many people will use it
And you are just disabling something in the paint
So yeah it is nice but it would be useless

Making it as an on or off option in the color theme for 14 keys would be the best thing you can do here

It sure is useless, but it looks good
Beauty makes people happy
Staring at an useless beautiful thing can make me happy for a while

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What’s about the hud in paint enabling this would just remove a paint feature
And your just filling settings with unnecessary options

yes please, transparent ui can open up a lot of new potential for ui customization


Unnecessary, but cool
Cool > Necessary

Like, painting your ship isn’t necessary at all, but it looks cool and makes me proud
Same thing goes to the UI

Just make it only for color theme with an option there to make it visible or not with 14 keys

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yes thats the thing im looking for

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Add a maybe button in the poll

No, because that’s just half yes, but I’m only counting strong opinions.

Just don’t vote and it’ll be the exact same.

I don’t agree at all. It’s customization. It’s good to let people choose how they want to play.

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I mean adding it in the settings

Point still stands.

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Read the reply again

I did. I still see no problem with it. I mean I’d be fine with it being purchasable too, but also don’t think it wouldn’t fit in settings. We can always have advanced settings if the menu ends up being too cluttered.

I mean you can add customizations in the settings but this is not important enough to be added in settings

I did not say that you should though

K i was just telling him a point

I don’t think giving players freedom in choosing how they want to play is a bad thing. And I feel like that’s precisely what settings are for.


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