Hi i have ideas

add all waves ci2 in ciu


We already have waves that are similar to some from CI2.


you mean bosses?

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yes and ufo

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If by “UFO” you mean Mars Attacks! wave, it’s from CI3, not CI2.


I think he’s talking about the wave before the boss in CI2, which is a ufo flying across the screen, if you destroy it you will get a gift or nothing (I forgor :skull: the wave name).

It’s Close Encounters.

This wave is literally one enemy serving close to no purpose. Alien Container does the same job but gives you a satellite as a bonus.


hi you have ideas

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hi they have ideas

I thought they didn’t

no. means all missions

hi thou hast ideas

nah this has declined

what if there is a spaceship color preset?

where do you find all the keys to switch between presets then

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