Hey IA could you please add the option to download older builds of the episodes for those who bought the games on the IA Site?

i would really love to see the ability to download older builds of the CI episodes AKA CI 2 - 5 for those who bought the games on the IA website, its just interesting to see what every update changed, especially when the wiki actually documents every update from 3.0 up until 3.85 (current version)

like when entering the authorization codes for every purchase that you made, instead of just the newest version of the games, you have the option to get every single older updates as well

also im one of those who just love preserving older stuff, like older versions of games and such, that’s why i really love Betacraft cuz the normal Minecraft Launcher lacks some older versions (unrelated to CI just wanted to use that as an example of how much i love older versions)

also NGL the game that it would be the most interesting is CI3 cuz CI3 Xmas at some point had blue UI instead of red, also wingman didn’t exist straight away from release as well

IA probably won’t find this post at all and it might have been a waste of my time making it, but yeah for the low chance of IA finding this please IA do this, sure it might take some time to update the website, you gotta add a scrolling list containing the older versions as well as the newest build, but IA if you see this at least consider it


Don’t consider your effort as zero, iA will see it soon, just now he’s on holiday (ig)
He will be active in September.


wait does IA browse specific sections of this forum or he browses most of the forum?

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Everything on the forum.
But he may ignored something he doesn’t like. Well if someone ask a question about the game, he always answers.
Overall, he will reply to your topic soon. Just wait.


i dont think there would be a point to hosting all of these versions but you can ask iA for a specific version if you want one (note that CI3’s first public version was 3.10, and the beta/older than first versions are not available)

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yes that would also be a good idea, asking IA in the support email for older builds of the games as long as your email is associated with Authorization codes that has em

wait you said i CAN ask, or you just had this as an idea of asking IA for the different versions?

if so then ZIBI im going to ask IA for EVERY SINGLE BUILD ever

and once i will also get to buy CI2 from the website im gonna ask for the FIRST EVER build (idk how good its gonna run on my PC considering that it uses the same version of the UVE Engine as CI1 1999)

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Making all possible versions available isn’t practical, however I’m looking into selecting some milestone releases (for example, the transition from 4:3 aspect ratio to 5:3) and making them available in the “legacy” download area.


could there be a chance at least for 3.40 Xmas, as my memory matches up with the wiki, and that version was my first ever interaction with CI as a whole, so re-experiencing that would be amazing,

and also what about the first ever release versions for all the games? (also the thing where in CI3.10 where you can earn unlockables even by using allow cheats is comical as hell, i definetly wanna try it out at some point)

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holy shit i never noticed the legacy section existed lol, i never noticed the buttons, bro THX SOOOO MUCCH, im gonna take a look at em, i just love older builds of games i enjoy

for CI4 these are versions 4.17

for CI3 these are 3.79

and they do have the old/smaller scaled in comparison to latest builds - UI which is nostalgic ASF

edit: for CI3 the U3 versions are even older, for CI3 and Xmas its 3.60 while for easter its 3.63, and they are similar to 3.79 except they don’t reach full HD in the resolution setting, im also going to look at the patch notes to see what is the deal with em, aside form the old UI/old settings menus

edit: if you can, please add more, i think it would be hella fitting to Add CI3.10, cuz it was the first ever so it didn’t have any patches at all (and it had some different stuff in it as well, like the lack of wingman, or how you could use allow cheats and still get the unlockables/medals that’s hella comical imo), same for CI4.00 as it didn’t have the retro chapter music (and also it didn’t have Hebrew, so im all down for that build) also 4.00 didn’t have any values encryption and i really wanna make a cheat table for the game for that build

i just wanted to say that im thankful that at least you’ve got all of the builds backed up (tho excluding the betas F) for all of the games, usually (im especially talking about minecraft) devs don’t back up older builds at all and they get lost to time, and eventually become forgotten, instead of backing em up to preserve the history of their games, and have to rely on community members who have the builds backed up,
and im one of those who really love to explore older builds, even if not for very long, so knowing that all of the older builds (excluding the betas F, why don’t you also back up the betas) are preserved makes me relieved
so thanks IA just wanted to say that

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