Hero's Compendium, vol. III

Browse arond the galaxy by Mouse drag and zoom in/out with Mouse wheel or - + keys.

Did you misplace your flagship again? Not to worry, it can happen to anyone. This button will focus the camera on your flagship, wherever it might be in the galaxy.

This is an overview of the spacecraft making up your fleet. The primary spacecraft you use to travel around the galaxy and fly missions is your Flagship. You can configure it with the Loadout button.

A spacecraft’s core components are its reactor, engine, heat sink and weapon. All components require power and also add to the spacecraft’s total mass. Configuring your spacecraft for optimal performance is a delicate balancing act between power mass and fuel efficiency.

This is your main weapon. Upgraded weapons provide a greater initial advantage when flying missions, but watch out for incrased weight and power requirements.

The spacecraft’s heat sink dissipates heat generated by your weapons. Effective heat sinks have a large thermal capacity, but are correspondingly more massive.

The reactor generates power for the rest of your spacecraft components. You must always ensure that your flagship’s reactor is large enough to meet demand.

The engine affects flight characteristics by generating thrust. Engines with higher fuel efficiency will burn through your fuel slower, extending your reach further into the galaxy.

This is the Galactic Store. The Galactic Store conveniently stocks all equipment all of the time, but it’s more expensive than dedicated regional stores and you’ll never find rare items here.
Items for sale are on the left, your inventory is on the right. Select a store item to buy it, or one of your own items to upgrade or sell it.

This is the galaxy’s Information Overlay. Here you can select which type of information you want to be displayed as you browse around the galaxy map.
You may need to zoom out to get a better view.

Select Enter orbit to dock with this planet. Once you are docked, select Missions to view availabe missions.

Browse through the mission list on the left. Some missions will be unavailable to you at this early stage. For now, the UHF recommend you pick something short and easy.

This is where you can configure your mission loadout. You have a limited number of slots which you fill with a mix of offensive or defensive equipment as you see fit. Some equipment requires manual activation during the mission, some activates automatically as it’s needed, while the rest takes effect immediately and perishes when the mission’s over.

This is your UHF mission debriefing. Missions help you gain score and keys. The exact outcome depends on a multitude of factors. Even failed missions count for something - but the UHF would appreciate it if you brought your spaceship back in one piece.
If you enjoyed a mission, you can add it to your favourites to fly it again at a later time.


I Can’t Believe It! You’re Incredible!

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Just like baldi.
Search baldi basics in goggle if you want to see this!

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