Henterprise bug

Title says it all.

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1:22 IA revenged you

Is that a customized version of CI 5?

No,it’s just a bug.

The next april fool is on the list.


i got this bug also :frowning:

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I got this bug too

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It happened me like two weeks ago three times: in a normal wave, in the planetary egg city and in the apple core.

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This has been fixed in CIU v.15. It’s still present in CI5.

What do you mean? The loud sound(at 1:22) got fixed in ciu?

Did no one get this?


Ah, I thought you meant this:

  • Henterprise main beam attack is now terminated when damaged/destroyed.

I can’t reproduce this here. Do you ALWAYS get this sound bug at the final explosion? Or only sometimes?

Extremely rarely. But don’t bother with it,it doesn’t exist in ciu.

Btw this sound is awesome!

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