Henpire Ship

Henpire Ship
First Level: Eggs Attack
Second Level: Lightning
Third Level: Rocket from Satellite
Fourth Level: Neutrons Attack



Although the lightning ſhould fire at regular intervals ſo that you know when it’s goïng to fire.

@Stardrone I remember that you suggested this first right?

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Oh yeah, I think it’s been ſuggeſted by a few people.

Yes, I suggested somethig similar before
I don’t know if I was the first but probably (as far as I know) I am

Well… @RoboCat is the third to suggest this (as far as I know)

Good photoshop
You suggested a boss fight different from the ones we have in the game and the similar ones that were suggested

It’s not boss

Is a normal wave? Well… you beat us

Well. I am surprised that it’s not a boss because honestly… that would be great.

Reminds me “The Rebel”

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CIU uses bosses or waves from other games.

For now, yes. But new ones will be added.

it should bigger