Henperor's Apprentice needs a health buff

Even a power 1 Ion could easily cheese it. It needs a serious health buff.

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That would just make the fight longer and more tedious. It’s a regular boss, so it uses the normal health formula most bosses use, the exceptions to this being most multi-part bosses and final bosses.


How about letting it use lasers and forcefields much more quickly? The lasers themselves should also be a little faster, and could take a sharp turn and rotate back to their original positions on higher difficulties. How about that? Maybe even remove the forcefield on higher difficulties(or completely) because it just makes the fight longer, as it’s too easy to dodge. You could replace the forcefield with random, quick static lasers that would be very numerous and would come in several volleys, all of which would come one after another quickly. Imo, this fight would be really fitting for a lasers party.
Or/and you could give it a lightsaber it could throw at you. There are many possibilities.


IMO the most disappointing thing about the Henperor’s apprentice is the fact that it’s completely stationary after appearing from below. This might be subjective but this decision makes the boss feel lame and boring.

I would implement the reverse laser technique but then it whips out its red lightsaber and charges at the player and slashes. The speed and number of charges is dependent on the difficulty. After the slashing phase, it moves back to the center and repeats its new and improved laser attack.

I purposely left out many other opportunities to buff the boss because IMO you have a better grasp at the game than I do.

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Yeah, there was also an idea similar to that. If I could finish my post, you’d see what it is, but I barely have any time for it


Plus the fact that it malfunctions your gyroscope allows you to easily cheese it without being hurt.

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I think the simplest way to make it harder on higher difficulties (and it’s fine for easy difficulties the way it is, in my opinion) is something similar to what @anon27929001 suggested, but not quite the same: just have the lasers (randomly?) alternate between moving clockwise/anticlockwise around the chicken.

On any other stage this would be pretty trivial, but with the gyroscope flailing all over the place I imagine it’s not too difficult to accidentally go left instead of right or vice-versa.

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