Henperor Apprentice Duel Rework

To be honest, it’s the one of most boring boss battle in the game, at least for me. This time I want to add spices to it.

First, give him a lightsaber! Its length is about one half of his height. Pretty long, and definitely will kill you in contact.

Next, new movement patterns! I listed it below:

  1. Enters the screen from below to the center, and uses round force field (same as the original).
  2. He will point his lightsaber to your position and charges quickly towards that direction.
  3. When he arrived at the targeted position, he will swing his lightsaber 360°, could be either clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s totally random.
  4. Next, he will use the force to knock your spaceship and it will spin.
  5. In random occasion, he will use the omnidirectional spinning laser (whatever you called it) immediately after using force to your spaceship.
  6. Repeat from pattern 2.

The difficulty would cause change in delay between movements, lightsaber swinging speed and number of lasers he shoots.

This change would definitely make the duel more dynamic and I hope it would be more even interesting than currently it is.


huh still no comments. btw i like this idea :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought about these improvements as well, really glad that someone’s bringing this up in the hopes that IA would listen, cause I can also agree that this boss fight needs a revamp. I just hope that CIU doesn’t get into legal trouble for using lightsabers.

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