Hennley's Comet Boss Level Improvement Idea

I think at this level the background should go down pretty fast, and our ship should have a bigger smoke which would make you feel that you are really chasing that comet. (sounds like an idiot, I’m not so good at English yet, sorry) I hope you know what I mean!!


You successfully communicated what you meant, and your english is almost flawless.

That’s not true.


Also, I don’t remember if this is already a thing, but to improve upon your idea, the background should increasingly scrool faster during these missions with each wave.

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I recently played this level, and the background isn’t even moving. It’s a bit awkward to be honest, that’s why I wrote this topic.


Good job! This is a regression in v.29, and it only affects this wave during Boss Rushes (not Comet Chase missions). Fixed in v.30

:medal_sports: Bug


You’ve proven yourself worthy to be a Bug Reporter. Congrats for the upcoming Medal!

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Ah, yes. CI3 show that these comets are FASTER than the the speed of LIGHT. So the background should go down faster. (sorry for bump this)

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