Henlley's Comet rework idea

Got this idea so I decided to share it for fun.

We can all agree the boss isn’t all that fun fighting for the 100th time on superstar hero so here’s my idea:

Phase 1. Stays the same as it is.

Phase 2. Replace it with phase 3 (a row of comets going through)

Phase 3. The Henlley’s Comet breaks into 3 pieces, one bigger in the center and 2 smaller on the left and right, the 2 smaller pieces will occasionally swoop in one at a time, on harder difficulty there could be small comet debree coming out of the boss from time to time.

That’s all

what about song Dr beaker in henlley comet

That’s what it is currently. I don’t think it quite fits.

The suggestions are okay, but not especially better than the current design. I do agree this boss is a little bland, less so on high difficulty thanks to the swoop attack.

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