"Hend Game" is too easy

When encountered in late missions, Hend Game can be way too easy, just because your damage output won’t allow it to attack after the initial blast.
I don’t think adding HP is a valid solution, because you could encounter the risk of making it tedious to fight. I thought about making a damage cap: during the blast in each phase, make it so the maximum amount of damage is 12%, after the blast finishes, you can continue to damage it regularly.
This is just a thought, idk if it could be a viable solution, or if other people find this an issue like me.


Nerfing your damage output is practically the same as adding HP to a boss in game design.


Ehh no. Leave it be. It’s a “final boss” and in late game being a bullet sponge is kinda its shtick, just like YolkStar :tm:. You may have a lapse and die during it’s attacks and it being bullet spongy had a hand in it.
Unless you propose it having different attacks. Even so I don’t see this getting changed anytime soon.

Hend game is a guaranteed hell on high difficulties. Buffing wouldn’t be a wise choice.

Also I suppose that you were facing him at low difficulty, weren’t ya?


I can’t remember, but I guess above 50 or even 70%. But yeah, I didn’t count the likes of SSH and so on. My bad.

Then no wonder why it sounded easy for you. Hend game is slow on such difficulties. But if you encounter him on high difficulties you will know how superior it is.


maybe you didn’t play at SSH
i would have considered it hell
and aswell as its goddamn fast in 140% difficulty

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I dare you go Moron Railgun vs Hend Game on 140% difficulty. Hope that quells your need for challenge.

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All bosses have a starting health of X, and increase by Y the higher difficulty it goes (health in mission: X + Y * percentage). We can increase the starting health X, but decrease the factor Y so it has more health at lower difficulties, but same health at high difficulties.

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Hend game easy? Haha, you haven’t seen their true form my comrade.


Speed, hend game at 140% is ULTRA fast, you’ve atleast got time to react



Well yes it is easy but not even ‘too’ easy. if you’re using the muller or bx ships, it is fairly easy to defeat. Just a few mins and it would be done.

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