Hend Game death animation

During a recent game of Bosh Rush, my friends and I encountered the “Hend Game” boss during a wave in the middle of the stage. Although we were able to defeat the boss, the death animation caused my device to freeze. Unfortunately, my friends’ devices continued to work normally and the game continued on their devices. As a result, I lost two lives and my phone lost connection.

To prevent this issue from happening again, I would like to request that the Hend Game death animation be removed or replaced with something more lightweight.

You can set the graphics quality to “low” from settings > details,
maybe this can solve the problem.

Here’s the deal with CIU on phones and mobile devices…
CIU’s architecture was originally developed on PC, assuming that they can handle it. Phones have different network connectivity and graphic handlers, so if something lags up, it’s going to hit phones much harder, which is why there’s an option to change the graphics from high to low or medium. Phones can only process so much graphics at once.

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