Hen Solo In CIU

Hi, just want to ask, when is CIU going to be…I’m just kidding :sweat_smile:, my real question is… is Hen Solo going to be in the game as an NPC or as a playible charactar? if the second one, I will like it if we can change the colors of his ship, so everyone can have his own style, let me know in the comments.

Nope, Maybe not. Sorry

Why not it would be a good idea

No idea if he’ll be in the game, but I certainly think that the Millennium Hatchling should be playable.

I’ve asked iA about it earlier and they said that Hen Solo might be shoved in somewhere.

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yay im happy now :smile:

Hen Solo will be in the game,but it’s unlikely that he’ll be playable.

I dont mean that in a part of the story we would play as him,No (Although some people say that CIU would not have a story mode) What i mean that he would be a body swap for the spaceship like in CI4, that is what i meant by (Playible Character).

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what theguyisp was talking about