Hen solo again

I think that Hen Solo is one of the best things that have been added in Chicken Invaders 4 and all the parts. Dive into the game’s story a little bit because the game’s story is not deep enough

  • i want hen solo again
  • I think it will ruin the game I don’t want
  • I do not care

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Possible copyright issues and no connection with main story = no Hen Solo. He has “his own galaxy to save”.

do you mean it in the game? dont make your words puzzle

Hen Solo won’t be added due to two reasons:
• It might result in copyright issues due to Star Wars franchise.
• Hen Solo has no connection to Chicken Invaders story except that only part in CI4 where he helps the Authentic Hero find the Egg Cannon. After that he leaves the Hero because he has his own galaxy to save.

As a result, there will be no Hen Solo in Chicken Invaders Universe.

Is this less “puzzle”?


yes i saw him in star wars but maker of game can change its shape as if it has renewed its shape after an accident or anything or development. This may be a logical solution and does not expose it to any problem.

That doesn’t solve the fact he is almost not connected to chickens anyhow.

but i think it was very fun

It’s not going to be so fun once IA gets in trouble.

IA can buy the copyright from Disney but it would be cost too much.(IA will NOT do that)

If his own galaxy is under the attack of the henpire then he should join united heroes.(And they will have an academy for their own galaxy)

maybe he also have his own UHF in the other galaxy

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Hen Solo made his cameo in CI5 tho and that’s also his last appearance

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Why didn’t that happen to CI4?


idk may be star wars They have not updated the copyright?

Hen solo also shows up briefly in CH5 Cluck of the dark side when the hero goes to visit that fortune teller for the first time

I very much hope they do some kind of return of Hen Solo.

he know bro

IA said that it may not be hen-solo.

Also hen solo will be useless

But not his ship

Well, remember the fact that in CI4 and CI5, there can be 6 satellites maximum, however in CIU, the limit is 5. A new brand of spacecraft, which is based on the technology of Millenium Hatchling, can be built with the maximum satellites is 6. A cameo like that won’t be bad :wink:

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