Help with movement control

as show in video, the spaceship doesn’t follow the mouse movement but it creates that mark where the spaceship will go, but i don’t want this, i started playing in april/may and the movement wasn’t like this, i stopped playing and now i started again with the same stats but with another computer

the video: 2020 10 17 20 21 34 - YouTube

Massive environment slows down your ship by 25%, so that’s why it appears. If you want your ship to move faster, play on a planet without massive environmental effect or use jets for that environmental effect.

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ok thanks, also, could you reccomend me a ship for massive enviroment please?

Try the Bomber 8

Don’t worry, all of them are slow on massive environment.

But bombers are not affected by environment, so their slowness doesn’t change. This can be helpful if you trained enough to play with BX in regular missions.


So as I said:

I actually didn’t know this.
They’re not immune to other environments though, right? Only massive ones.


Yes, bombers move at same speed in all environments. Even at massive ones.

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