Help wanted: Korean Translation

Hello, fellow recruits of UHF! I’m Dongjun Lee from South Korea.
I’m here to ask you for my help translating Chicken Invaders.
If you speak Korean, or know Korean well (better if you know both English and Korean), I want you to assist finishing my Korean Translation.
I’ve been translating the game since June, but there are TONS of things for me to do. And I’m not sure my translation is correct, or proper. You may supervise and change my past translation, or directly translate things that I haven’t done. Thank you.


easy, open google translate, translate english to korean, and write it



why :frowning:

google translate

Woah woah, time out, mister.

당신은 분명히 바보입니다

bro, why.

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thats all and an easy thing

the translations won’t be accurate and will be really dumb

don’t tell me you copy and pasted all of the translations

If Google Translate was a viable option, IA could’ve automated the translation process and called it a day, instead of opting for community translations.


i did not

yes think
everything has to be utilized by google
still some guy: i did not

look, i was having trouble in arabic translation, i used google translate and it worked

yes, but not every translation situation
that would have been simple

아니 난 바보가 아니야


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