Help me with crashes (I have photos)

Hello. I was very excited to see the new game, but this issue has come up for me

"error: ‘Assertion failed.’ statement ‘???’ function ‘???’ file: ‘Vechicle.cpp’ line ‘408’ Build; CIU v105. 1steam WIN 32-bit release


Runtime Error!

Program: …/steam/steamapp/common/chicken invaders universe/CUI.eve

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.


Please note this was downloaded FROM STEAM. I shall try and download it another way given.

I have photos of these BUT it says I am a new user so i cannot upload them yet.

Yeah, someone else reported the same issue a few hours ago.

Apparently, a certain player is ‘‘auto-banning’’ players because of an exhaust error. Check on the Early Access Version 105 topic, people are talking about it.

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thanks for the info.

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There has been an issue quite recently that iIfireIi provoked with cheat engine by changing his spacecraft’ exhaust to an invalid one which also the server saved, whoever is in the area of that account will end up crashing their client, but they aren’t being banned, just wait out until the developer fix this which hopefully should be in a few hours.


Okay, I appreciate the clarification.

But hey, in this case, ‘‘auto-banning’’ is still a term used in the Early Access Version 105 topic. It’s just a way to describe the issue. I guess we should call it ‘‘auto-crashing players’’, then?

"crash due to inability to load exhaust’


Auto crashing would be more accurate.
While auto-banning isn’t really a term I like, since your account will be fine whenever the issue is done.


This has now been fixed, please try again.


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