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Hello guys i am about to collect 500 keys and i wanna buy some weapon because i am sick and tired of default one, the thing is which is the best weapon for 500 keys?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Depends on your wishes.
My favourites are Ion Blaster and Plasma Rifle. Here’s quick list about weapons:

Plasma Rifle is good for dealing with cowards (blue high-pitched chickens) as it has high single shot damage and they can’t even shoot at you before death + has some kind of splash damage if you hold fire for some time.

Ion Blaster is literally shower of bullets. Deals pretty good damage and awesome for dealing with big groups of chickens.

Utensil Poker is basically Ion Blaster but different. Less bullets, changing spread and higher damage (as a result of less bullets).

Positron Stream is beam weapon, like Plasma Rifle, but it splits between targets which is good for dealing with groups of chickens.

Lightning Fryer is somewhat similar to Positron but splits different way.

Corn shotgun can’t overheat, but has no overdrive + low damage. I have no idea where to use it.

Riddler has good stats but only when you have enough firepower.

Absolver Beam is weak against groups of enemies, but can destroy eggs and stuff at maximum charge.


I guess then Positron Stream is really for me, thanks btw idk about Ion Blaster it always was bad weapon for me idk maybe where it’s good is asteroid missions because of bullets and spread

Weapons got reworked few times in CIU, so Utensil Poker is no longer overpowered while Ion Blaster is no longer weakest one. But this can be changed few more times later so we’ll see.


Idk I will see anyways thanks for help :wink:

But without damage sharing in recent updates, the weapon makes Squawk Block Missions becomes trivial

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Plasma’s highly recommended in this day and age due to cowards. Even without cowards however, it’s one of the strongest weapons in the game with the second highest damage of out any projectile, being topped only by charged Absolver shots, along with the AOE blast which can wreck chicken formations into shreds and instant hits. Its only weaknesses are its overheat time and its inability to clear out feathers and supernova debris.

Laser and Neutron are weapons that kinda trade blows with each other in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Laser has more DPS and is an insta hit weapon, but it does obscure projectiles and Neutron can sustain more shots before overheating. They’re both really good though and among my top picks.

Ion’s spews out a lot of bullets and has immense DPS, a great weapon but it is badly countered by cowards which turn your bullet spam into their bullet spam. For a more balanced weapon which does a little better against cowards and can sustain more fire until overheating, Utensil is the weapon for you.

Positron is also a really good weapon. With its fast firerate and splitting capabilities, it can do a lotta damage and is quite possibly the best weapon in space race. Unlike Plasma, it can also do a decent job at clearing feathers and supernova.

Absolver is a very wild card. It’s a highly situational weapon that can be devastating or laughably bad. It does really well in waves like Dazzling Coordination, Egg Cyclone, Squack blocks, etc but using the absolver in waves like High-Speed Chase and asteroids will not end well. Not recommended

Whilst there are other weapons, I’d recommend not picking them up until later either due to underwhelming damage, or complicated usage, or just having too situational of an advantage.


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