HELP at CIU game

I just bought a BX-08 and it has 5.00 maneuverability . so if I bought a hall effect thruster engine and upgrade it to 3 times maximum .
what is final maneuverability could I have ? or it will be constant?

Look at this stats on the “Fleets” section

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Do you mean the maneuverability will be 10.77?

What is this table ? And why should I look at it?

The table shows the current stats of your fleet

Also what do you need help on? Maneuverability value?

not entirely sure, but the engine will add to the base manueverability

Yes, I just want to know the value of maneuverability in BX-08 if I bought a hall effect thruster and upgrade the engine to maximum.

What are the rarities of your BX-8* and Hall Effect Thruster?

* I got it, it’s a common BX-8

What do you mean of rarities?

It’s the term to judge how good that equipment is. The higher the rarity it has, the better that item you get, comes along with harder process to find at each rarity level.
In CIU, you can see there are 4 different rarity level by looking at the number of diamond icons.

  • If it has none, then it’s a common equipment.
  • If it has 1, it’s a uncommon equipment.
  • If it has 2, it’s a rare equiment.
  • If it has 3, it’s a legendary equipment.

Bonus info: This term only applies to spaceships. engines, reactors and heatsinks.


As an addendum, you can purchase rare equipment in regional stores or at shady dealers.

Right look what i have been searching for in the last 1 MONTH:

and i never find it :')

yeah, but we are talking thrusters not heat sinks

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