Hello everyone

Hello everyone! I’m new. If you see spacecraft name “BTChickenHunter” that me. And I’m from Viet Nam.


Welcome to the Family. We have cookies, and drumsticks.


don’t forget Piggly’s secret recipe tho

I remember my first post here. Why hidden?

Nice to meet 'ya! Keep yourself home. You could suggest some ideas, test the early access version of the game by the way.

Hello rookie recruit. Welcome to CIU

Why do you flag a newcomer?(im not sure if he is new player or new forum member) Yea its maybe a little spam but everyone is welcome here.


Someone flagged this post

I don’t khow who flagged this post

Only IA know.

This topic keeps getting hidden for some reason. Don’t know why.

Uh system do that? It was changed something on my another reply

Welcome to the CIU forum! Hope you enjoy your stay

@BTChickenHunter Best of wishes man.Good luck and have fun.

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Welcome to Heroes force buddy

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I’m new forum member

Welcome to forum! I wish you have fun while you are here.

thank you

Secret Recipe!

I have published the complete Piggly’s Perfect Forest Apple Pie recipe here!