Hei InterAction_studios I have an idea for Chicken Invaders Universe

I have a good idea but I don’t know if the people from InterAction_studios will they accept it?

Post your idea here, and you’ll see the results soon


If you have an idea:
1: Create a proper topic and spread your idea
2: Post it right in here
3: Post it in CIU Version X (x is version number)

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It depends on how everyone react to your idea (like it or not) and is it good to add into the game.

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Don’t do this. This will make it way harder to find later for other users and would cramp the early access topic with unrelated discussions.


My idea is that when you play multiplayer and create a mission you can call it whatever you want

uhh u cant create a mission though u can only play multiplayer on existing missions but maybe it would be cool to be able to rename them but eh

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make it fav, then comment on it

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