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So it would be a nice idea to add pigeons as sidekick for chickens. Because we have Turkeys, why not pigeons. This would extremely nice for the invasive world and maybe pigeons could be flying terminators.

And maybe even a pigeon boss…

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We only have turkeys at Thanksgiving.


pigeons fly

Chickens and turkeys can´t fly

Its almost unrelatable

(although they´re all can be eaten)


Wait, you can eat pigeons, yikes.


Short aswer: you said pigeons, why dont we just change the game instantly into bird invaders? thats it many types of birds

that was not a short answer it was a mid answer at all :zipper_mouth_face:

Don’t tell me you forgot the rabbit on Easter Season.


I have another idea of a new orbit, the orbit will be covered with clouds it will lmit your vision like darknes, but the fog strength will be based on difficulty and some of cloudy orbits will be rainy too, the rain will slightly slow your space ship and cooldown from overheat faster and it might also blur your screen due to rain water drops.

It has been like a few hours i was thinking about chicken invaders 6, this will be a mix of all chicken invaderse universe waves and bosses will be (dr. beaker, burger meister 3000, mother hen ship CI2, bossa nova, chicken multiclicipty, Chicken Exponentality, the yolk-star!, egg cannon, giant robotic crab v2.0, king of crabs, thunder cluck and egg cannon cannon cannonade) in a moment while the hero goes to space burger he will get an e-mail from chicken henpaire text will be, (the egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade was a sucessful creature! it killed so many United Hero Force Headquarters recruits and this time we will upgrade it even more! we will take over the entire milky way!!! nothing will stop our new egg cannon creature and everything will be hopeless CLUCK). and while cutsences between 1-9 stages the hero will see a weird pink space ship watching and spying on him and when he looks at him he might say (huh?? weird thing…) it will be a hero but a girl which she is working for the chicken for her life and she says i saw how strong you are and some things she saw from the hero while killing the chickens but she suddenly say im really sorry but i have too… and she begins to charge abslover beam and the hero says (woah… woah… HEY STOP!) and she says (im sorry, please forgive me.) but suddenly hen solo appears and says (hey stop that rigth now!) pink hero/huh?!
the orgin hero/hen solo?!
pink hero/who are you??
hen solo/im a hero too but im not from this galaxy.
pink hero/intresting!
orgin hero/we have to save the humanity!! the egg cannade will arrive we must hurry!!!
hen solo/didnt you kill it??
orgin hero/they sent an e-mail its a better virsion of egg cannon and nire buffed!
pink hero/i sent that,i wanted you to know they were going to surprise attack and end everything i was working for them to be alive… but they pointed weapons and were about to kill me (sight)
orgin hero/dont worry! we can all team up so me and hen solo will avange you!
pink hero/really??
Orgin hero/ofcourse now lets go before its too late.
hen solo/you are right we gotta get to solar system fast!!
This cutsence will be at stage 9 after killing burger meister 3000 then the girl appears with a shiny pink ship at mad madamme when the hero want to know what to do. i want it to become official and sorry if its too long because i know you guys will love the Chicken Invaders 6, with
the respect to UHF. WAIT, i forgot since they made cannonade this will be the last boss and about the other 2 heroes hen solo will use utensil poker and the pink girl will use plasma rilfe just like her color. OK DONE

aint reading allat

make your own topic for your ideas please

not on someone else’s idea topic


Hi @ITsMe .are you stupid? Who eats pigeons? Who hunts pigeons? (Now I accept that we sometimes kill pigeons with a arrow and rocks for fun) but we just killed the chickens and Turkeys for saving world And eating to not die and survive!What kind of power does a pigeon have to become a big threat to the world? That is, it can be said that no matter how much we kill them, nothing happened to the earth Rather, it does not threaten the galaxy! The only thing that harmed them is their own poop, which is done by the chicks themselves! Pigeons are harmless and it is also illegal to kill pigeons (but well…we used to kill pigeons for fun when we were kids) In addition, we only have turkey for Thanksgiving… In addition, turkey is an edible meat. (@ITsMe … This text is not an insult at all… I like you as a friend and I am calling you a friend. This idea doesn’t help much…You better think about an idea… I can help you myself… (Of course, some of my ideas are bad😅 because when I was start to Activity on the site. I was being so cringe. But I change now.)



Pigeons in Big Cities: A Major Plague - My Animals

Pigeons are carriers of a number of diseases that are contagious. Children and people with weak immune systems are especially vulnerable.
These birds damage vegetation in gardens, parks, and lawns
Pigeons ruin and corrode the facades of buildings, the bodies of cars, etc, with their feces. Keep in mind that each one of these animals produces approximately 33 pounds of poop each year.
They build their nests in historical buildings that are part of our architectural patrimony. This is because older constructions are more prone to pigeon infestation because of their ornate nature.
Pigeons are also bothersome because of their cooing and the noise they make when they flap their wings
Pigeons block vents
They obstruct drains
They break antennas
And they activate alarms

There is a reason why they are considered flying rats. And fun fact, in Australia the problematic bird in cities is the ibis.


I had to wash my car today because of how much pigeons pooped on it, this is clear proof pigeons are the biggest threat to human civilization in existence


then you’ll have to explain chickens, turkeys, and rabbits


No. Not the rabbits

Wait WTF…

Well guys… I surrender I have nothing else to say :sweat_smile::joy::grin: