Have the option to carry one item at a time instead of three

What would be a good idea is if you could carry one item or special weapon at a time, because sometimes I want to do a certain combination so I don’t die. Example: A wave like Pulsating Grid can be really difficult, and sometimes I’ll use a missile and then dimensional phase out, but I don’t want to waste three missiles when I can just use one and then do the dimensional phase out just in case a UFO from a chicken or any armored chickens that didn’t die hit me. But this is optional, you can hold one, two, or the maximum three in each slot.

Something is already planned.

You mean they’re already thinking of doing that?

Well, I asked (maybe a week ago?) if they were planning to eventuälly add a way to ſelect what ſpecial weapon to uſe next, and they ſaid they were, ſo…
I mean, I wouldn’t expect it right away, but it’s on their liſt.

Oh I see