Hardpoints in CIU

What do you think about the hardpoints now?(Esspecially Ghost trail)


I haven’t play CIU because of my computer needs a battery and charger replace, they’re broken. But the ghost trail that people posted on the forum looks cool

Quick Thoughts:

  • Annoyed that my H&C 101 can only have 1 hardpoint, lol
  • Strobe lights are cool, although I’m struggling to understand the parameters properly - there’s a lot of factors going on. Definitely best when stacked.
  • Ghost trail is… eh, tbh. I’m having trouble getting it to look good on any of my ships - although if I were to colour a ship to look appropriate I might be able to figure something out. Again, stacking can probably lead to cool stuff. I hope the “reverse shrinking” @BoggY tested gets officially implemented, too.
  • Colouring laser pointer is cool - no longer stuck with that awful forced red on all my ships! I’m wondering if “stacking” a bunch of different strength lasers of different colours could give a “rainbow” effect (which would be epic if it worked), but I can’t afford to test it because I am poor. :joy:

I need more time and keys to properly make my mind up on some of these, and for the flashing lights especially I want to get a better understanding of how tweaking the values impacts stuff.

BUT, as @Davoid suggested, we need a way to customize all of them at once before spending keys. The coolest designs definitely have more than one hardpoint (again, my poor H&C 101!!!) so a way to edit all of them before saying “yes, that’s good” would be nice.


The hardpoints are great! v44 was the biggest hardpoints upate ever!

Oh it’s actually official for the next update lmao :joy:


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