Hardest wave

To me the hardest wave in CIU to me was like…

1.A save zone in the middle…
2.You are surrounded by metal rods.
3.5 chick Gatling gun is firing at you from 5 positions.
6.Chickens and the Gatling Guns are also surrounded by metal rods in five position. (Each cage has some chicken and a Gatling gun.A Gatling gun fires 5 eggs…The y fire at you at the same time)
7.The whole thing is moving in circles.

Because of these conditions you’re not able to move too much in a cramped place…And the attacks of both the chickens and and the Gatling Guns kill you instantly when the wave starts.

If you’re asking what was our hardest wave like, well, for me, it was also in CIU and I actually have a screenshot of it, I died my last 5 lives at this wave.

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If you have chicken roulete with chicken gatling guns, NEVER stay in the middle. I lost only 1 live there. To deal with these levels, we need not only to be quick and to have the skills but also to know the geometric formula of the chickеnauts, the gatling guns and ect. Today i did my best plays ever, sadly i dont recorded it.

Just a few other examples:

I actually didn’t die a single time on that Chicken Roulette wave. It’s not that difficult, it just requires a little bit of technique.

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Yeah, almost of this levels are possible to not die a single time or not using super weapon. But, i think the chickenauts are more annoying than the egg ship chickens.

They may be more annoying due to their attack pattern, but Egg Ship Chickens have way more health so I’d argue they’re harder to deal with than Chickenauts.

actually for me i dodged those well,only lose 1 live because of my stupidity

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tree hugger.

I think it depends on the quantity and poſition. If there are ten or ſo well protected, chickenauts are worſe, but if the entire ſcreen is filled, the eggſhips are harder. The hardeſt though is the combination of eggſhips, chickenauts, and thoſe eggs that crack above the bottom of the ſcreen. I’d like to have the experience of Chicken Rings with that combo plus a ring of Gatling guns for good meaſure.

Defeating these waves with no lives lost feels awesome.(Also not using any missiles and satellites)It keeps your mood on.

The last picture given by GgWw1175 is the hardest wave to me.

Sorry it’s paused, but this is the hardest wave I’ve seen in game (Virtuoso).
Treble Trouble, but with Chicken Astronauts.

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Back in the early days this ſort of wave cropped up all the time. Now they’re getting really hard to find (even playing only the hardeſt miſſions on SSH), unfortunately.

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I find them today on virtuoso difficulty with a little bit over 10 levels and on darkness mission with the same difficulty.

i also found a chicken ufo (the ones that shoot eggs at you.) version on rookie, it was hard too but not nearly as difficult as the one above.