“Cluck Rober is at it again, he made a big frickin gun for him now he made a literal pistol for the UHF to fight chicken. This handgun is big as a chicken and powerful as a pistol…million times. Just note it only has 9 shots due to its magazine.”

Handgun is the 5th satellite in the game. It’s microgun’s counterpart.


Handgun takes a shape of a pistol. It has a laser attachment (the laser color follows the shield color)

The handgun is semi-auto and require 0.77 seconds to fire again. it has 9 shots in total and dealing 3000 damage per shot. The bullet speed is slightly slower than microgun.


The price for this is around 815🔑, making it the most expensive satellite.


this was based on Chicken Invaders DOS (the oldest CI game…maybe)


Glock Invaders

deagle noscope ace

radar wars arcade

a massive glock.

That would make it the weakest satellite in the game, at 14400 max damage.


Huh. Because if gets over 20k people will call it op.

So, I will buff it up.


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