Halloween boss idea

Since my last boss idea got a lot of backlash, I have a new one that is more original. This should first appear this month since it’s Spooky Month. It’s called Scarecrow Chicken. When you first start it, it will do a little jumpscare at you like Dr. Beaker. Its attacks will be summoning corn, throwing straw at you, and releasing a goo that will freeze your spaceship for 15 seconds. If you guys have extra ideas for this boss, feel free to share them with me.


Feels like a combination of the Pumpkin and Ghost bosses from CI5 Halloween Edition, the Chicken Coop from CI5, Dr. Beaker from CIU, and some ice physics.

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Maybe adding Crows as small chicks to follow you around as well (as skin for the ninja small chick but Crows)

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cool idea but it needs more i don’t have ideas tbh

That’s a clever idea. :+1:

I mean it is a scarecrow, as from the name suggests, it does need crows or it wouldn’t make sense.

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