Gun Balancing (Riddler)

After playing the game for the past week, I feel like Riddler is way way too overpowered. It generates little to no overheat issues, has good damage as it is the counter for almost every type of chicken, while its over-clocking feature can spam everything without worrying.

I really like the idea of a gun that overheats significantly slower than others. But shouldn’t it come with any consequences?

The consequence is that the damage per bullet is not as high as the others, with a high amount of bullets per volley.

This can be troublesome against Slob types, as they have a chance to fire a ring of bullets whenever they’re hit. More bullets = higher chance to retaliate.

Let me put it in another term: Tongue-Cut Sparrow “Hate for the Humble and Rich”.


Cease your Twice Infinity

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