Guaranteed keys for completing a challenge mission


Original idea based on automatic Discourse recommendation:

Although there are key prizes for reaching the top-10 in challenges and it has been increased by 3x compared to the past, this becomes increasingly unobtainable for new players and may discourage them from doing challenge missions. Not all challenge missions are suitable for new players in the first place, but I still think there should be some guaranteed advantages for players who actively check in and complete limited-time challenge missions compared to normal missions.


In 3-4 years from now, the game will explode in popularity on Twitch :grinning: (like Among Us) and when there are 1 million players, giving extra keys to only 0.001% is way too low (this percentage is more suitable to Elite events like Galactic Cup). So my request is to award the following key rewards for completing challenge missions, only when they are completed for the first time (placeholder amounts, open to suggestions):

Congratulations, recruit! You have completed the challenge mission [MISSION CODENAME], and the UHF hereby awards you [KEYS] as a recognition of your excellence.

Mission Keys
Daily mission (Easy) :key:10
Daily mission (Intermediate) :key:20
Daily mission (Hard) :key:30
Weekly challenge :key:50
Space race :key:30
Ironman competition :key:100


Eventually, giving a Winner medal to 1 out of 1 million players (0.0001%) is something so low that is more suitable to be in an Expert-level event like Galactic Cup then a normal challenge mission. This is probably hard to implement and may not even be a good idea because it heavily reduces medal value, but Iā€™m posting it here for thoughts: pair players in groups of 100 every time a new challenge is generated and award medals (and maybe key rewards) based on that. Very common in online games, but not something familiar that CIU has done before, aside from randomly selecting active players to display in galaxy.


daily mission hard is harder than weekly challenge for me

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I forgot about this post already lol

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