GREAT idea

travel the galaxies

in another galaxy

attack during the flight

little fight

finding an abandoned space ships or stations

in battle

that’s all
Yes, I know a little crooked


I was going to make a topic with a lot of ideas and that was one but not exactly. I’m not prepared to make that topic so wait. (I mean the idea of the galaxy)

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I understand you, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

I know, I was only telling you that I had the same idea.

exactly what kind of idea I just do not understand

Well, make sure IA server can handle that


all can any business cope but after a while

better learn to use photoshop pal :+1:

Am I wrong in thinking that theſe are actuälly multiple ideas?

I like the multiple galaxy idea, but I’m not ſure how eaſy it would be to implement. I don’t like the way the buttons change colour, though.

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I agree. Overall interface doesn’t seem so good.
@InterAction_studios better look after the UI.
I recommend removing those curved rectangle buttons and reduce the size of that large “Early Access v15.1” on the top.
Also prefer to have an option so that we can change the UI color.

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This idea is mainly about concept, not appearance.
InterAction uſuälly does not apply concepts in exactly the way they were thought up; he generally makes changes to improve on them.

Do you play the game at all?

This will be removed (from what I underſtand) after early acceſs. It has to be there as a diſclaimer in any ſcreenſhots, ſo that changes can be made without worryïng about miſguiding the end uſer.

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I think it should be me asking you that question.

Oh, I thought you meant the overheat bar, &c. I would call them “rectangles”. Anyway, what would you replace them with?

Nice font, BTW.

What are you talking about

I asked IA about other galaxyes or increasing the size of the curent galaxy and they answered me: No (unless there’s a good reason). I want more than 1 galaxy but its not gonna be happened :frowning:

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It is an already existing screenshot for me.

Even the Early Access version no. isn’t even on the top.

It’s a big no no from me to flight ambushes.

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what are you talkin" about?

Presumably about a suggestion the OP posted

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