Gravity Nullifier and Event Horizon Stabilizer

For my first post i’d like to talk about a recent discovery that I made, which I couldn’t find any posts discussing it. The gravity nullifier allows you to travel and orbit suns and wormholes for a price cheaper than the event horizon stabilizer which allows you travel and orbit wormholes only but costs more than the gravity nullifier. So what gives? Why does the object that gives you more freedom cheaper than the limited one?

Both are required for wormholes. Also, wormholes are worth 100 keys, let you travel from one wormhole to another for no extra cost and they have exclusive retro missions.


Thank you for your reply. I wondered whether that was the case (that both were needed) but figured it wasn’t, because it wasn’t written in the item’s description. Regardless I’ll keep this post for people’s future reference.

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