Goodbye m404

I still remember m404 4 satellite slots

So muller408 can be absolutely useless while being twice as expensive as muller404?


Just use M408, over.


answer: no

Dude, buy CHL if you don’t have it, and if you can’t buy CHL follow the instructions:

  1. try hard
  2. make more keys*
  3. find a heroware
  4. buy muller408 with doubled keys*
  5. enjoy

I don’t have CHL either. but hopefully CIU is not a pay-to-play game, you can do everything but you need to try harder than CHL havers.

in-cabin design is also different lol (his idea won’t work)



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But why? It’s basically a worse M408, just buy the M408 instead.




Welp, good luck getting that implemented

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For you:
“In this world you work if you want to eat. not working will only get you shit to eat.” -Mr.Huan-
(but this is English version)

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but I advise IA to increase the extra weapon slot but I have m408 for a long time

Do you want there to be an extra satellite slots for the M404?
  • Yes
  • No

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you do know you just threw a poorly translated local meme of your region at someone right

why do so many people choose no so there must be a reason ?

balancing reasons
the m408 being twice as expensive is for a reason
if you make them similar what is the point of the m408 then
and if you want 4 satelite slots but dislike the twin exhaust then simply make them transparent

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The reason is to encourage the player to get CHL. It has pretty much nothing to do with the balance aspect of the ships.
If you give the M404-PI its 4th satellite slot back, the M408 will once again have nothing of actual value to offer over it—two mission slots (irrelevant, you can just buy them) and one hardpoint. As a tradeoff for being slower and larger. In essence, it’d be just as useless as it was before v102, whereas now it’s at least something you can choose for a reason other than cosmetics or handicapping yourself.

Skill issue.

every ships have different benefits and disadvantages which must match their price
if u want m404 has 4 satellite shots, m408 must be so unless.
m404 itself has a big benefit than all muller family bc it has satellite slot in front, perfect for avoid getting hit if using barbequer

Simple answer: IA had to balanced the muller family (plus with other spacecraft family)


skill issue. buy muller 408 with license. if u can’t, follow this instructions:
try hard
play hard missions. is make u give high keys
buy muller 408 with license,if u don’t have license, u need get doubled keys. in heroware shops has give u low money