Glow To SpaceCrafts

Ok this is a good idea for making in every parts of the spacecrafts glowing!! So first when you go to paint the spacecraft,scroll down and you will see a brand new buton that is called “Glow” and when you press the buton you will get 3 series of quests and is super easy to make. First question: Get 900 foods. 2nd question: Kill 433 chickens with Absolver Beam. And the 3nd question: Complete 10 missions. And when you completed all the questions you will unlock the glow for spacecrafts. See you next time!,bye!!


I’m kind of confused about locking some customization behind 3 quests. Why not CHL tho?
I mean, sure, glow is great, but haven’t strobe lights partially been doing the job?


looks like it has been already discussed, and it is an item (hardpoint) called spaceship glow.


Wait is it in game? I didn’t see it yet.

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I knew it.

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