Giving oneself titles

this idea sprouted a little in my head and I think it would be interesting if you could add headlines like this to express what type of gamer you are. You can also boast about your greatest achievement in the game.

some titles can be obtained immediately after creating an account in the game, among others
-new member UHB (would have appeared immediately after the first mission)

Titles can be achieved by driving levels. from private to admiral.

the vast majority of titles can be obtained after achieving certain medals (some must be won several hundred times and some only once)

  • Medal of Annihilation - “Chicken hunter”

  • Meritorious Marksmanship Award - “Sniper”

  • Medal of Great Appetite Achievement - “Big glutton”

  • Distinguished Green Greed Cross - “Treasure hunter”

  • Chicken Hunter Medal of Excellence - “Irreplaceable”

  • Hard-Boiled Certificate of Merit - “Persistent”

  • Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness - “forever unprepared”

  • Honourable “Either Brave or Stupid” Achievement Award - “Daredevil”

  • “Iceman” Coolness Award - “Icebreaker”

  • Conspicuous “No Help” Commendation - “independent”

  • Medal of Extreme Appetite Achievement - “forever hungry”

  • Recognition Medal of Self-Restraint - “smarty”

  • Outstanding “One Man Army” Medal - “Demolition man”

  • Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award - “Irresistible”

  • Victorious Champion Stamp of Approval - “They were audacious to every skirmish”

  • Superior Budget Thriftiness Commendation Medal - “Frugal”

  • Great Perfectionist Acknowledgement - “The greatest explorer”

  • Daily Diligence Declaration - “Forever active”

  • Birthday - “Party animal”

  • Scrooge McChick Certification - “Scrooge Mcchink”

  • Grill Hero - “greedy salesman”

  • Speedy Gonzales - “Fast and furious”

  • Ironman - “A hard nut to crack”

  • Galactic Cup - “Champion”

  • Daily Hard Worker - “Permanent employee”

  • Weekly Hard Worker - “Employee of the Month”

  • Busy Bee Accolade - “In the group more clearly”

  • Early Access Participation - “Man for tests”

  • Great Minds Think Alike - “Successor of Einstein”

  • Bug Exterminator - “Perfectionist man”

if you support this idea, write it, I will ask you to add the title here (or possibly corrected after me :confused:).


Ok, how to get more than 1 of this.

well, you won’t get more of this achievement, I wrote that some of them only once

Well, uh, why does it need a title.

because if CIU was already out of beta, new people will not get it anymore, but you will


Seems interesting

I really like the idea, especially the fact that this would give tiers more reasons to grind for the average player.


I like how this is litteraly me playing CIU

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Award for explore all Key Rush missions?

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