Game not starting

ok so whenever i try to boot the game up it shows me an error that i dont have a bass.dll file. Any help?

Wait a sec pls… Ok, try to reinstall the game, backing up ProgrammData\CIU folder. I could send you my bass.dll, but I don’t think this will work properly. This file is in the game folder.

ok. How do i access the files?

You need to open explorer, than put C:\ProgramData\ in line at the top of window(path) and go to InterAction studios folder. There will be CIU folder you need to save.

That is, file explorer, the place with all your documents, not Internet Explorer, the browſer web developers have to add a bunch of code to ſupport.

Just re-install the game on top of your existing installation. Your progress will be preserved.

I did it, and it still didnt work.

It’s strange. Maybe your antivirus blocks this dll? Try to disable it and reinstall again.

before i didnt disable it and the game installed fine.

Well, I have no idea. You mean previous versions or v7.1?

version 7.1

I have no idea. Check your game folder (Program Files(x86)\ChickenInvadersUniverse by default). If bass.dll is here, it will be the strangest thing I ever seen. I could make .zip with my game files this morning. Maybe it will help, idk. If this will not help, we will call iA anyway

i checked the folder. No bass.dll there.

That means that something is killing it. Try to disable antivirus anyway, maybe there is a new database and now it kills CIU. That could explain why CIU worked fine before

i disabled it. Still nothing.

Ok, @InterAction_studios, your suggestions?

guess im gonna go with plan B: Downloading the bass.dll file individually.
what version does the game use?

Idk, but i’m sure any file could be used so I will post mine later.

Not sure why BASS.dll is disappearing.

You can download it separately from here:

Downloaded, then put the files in the CIU folder. It now functions properly. Thanks!