Game menu redesign

I came back again to make a small poll about something we should consider doing to the game since i was working on smth for chicken invaders universe
So i might take your opinions about it

As you know most of the game options are inside one place
The league the space craft, leader boards and ect
we should consider coming up with idea to redesign it
So i came with a poll to see should we redesign and rearrange some buttons and menus in the game or we should just leave it for now

I will still make my own concept in the summer with more that 3 days of work so yeah
If you agree or disagree with the idea please reply with your opinion

Should we have redesign or rearrange to the game’s menu?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Closing the poll in 7 days


Can’t agree with something I know nothing about. The current layout doesn’t cause me troubles.


It may cause us trouble in the future putting most of the game options in one place isn’t that good

I will try working on a layout that is fine for all players i hope
But i will post it in the summer or so

Actually, this is what iA kept telling others whenever people suggested something optional with a settings tick box, so I doubt he’ll let that happen.

We will see i hope my new design for the layout gets his attention

Imagine turning the UI to Universe Sandbox.

I completely forgot about this well 56% said yes
To try new layout

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