Game languages, GUI, etc

but will they add it on the later versions

like they did to CI4
(they added it on the later versions of CI4)

Edit: when i say later versions i mean to some versions that comes after the very first version of the game to be released

Please read posts before you post, it was already said earlier in the topic we will get languages once IA can focus on it and not change the current texts very often.

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The english is working hardly at the moment theres some typos in game also translating the game to another language is useless at the moment cause game texts are keep changing. Lots of people told this beforely, IA is busy with bugfixes and bringing lots of “coming soon” content. Please stop spamming this topic


I would like to appreciate translate Indonesian language, i’m 20. So, i’ll try to translate game in next update soon. Since, i played first game chicken invaders: the next wave when i was childhood, i love to play that game.

Translation will not come untill well after Early Access ends. Also, avoid replying to topics that hasn’t been active in months.


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