Game languages, GUI, etc

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Can we apply to translate the game?

I'm an experienced programmer and I would love to volunteer to translate Chicken Invaders Universe strings to my own language (Croatian / Serbian / Bosnian).

Is the game actually planned to be multilingual?

Is the game planned to be multilingual or you'll keep just English language for now? I would love to see the language choice menu, just like in the old Chicken Invaders games.

Will you redesign the GUI?

I really love the new UI and everything, it's really stunning and there are a lot of stuff to see and explore. It would be nice if you use the UI style from older Chicken Invaders games. It's like a tradition :)
Chicken Invaders was a part of my childhood, and I'm really happy to play it again! Thank you!

There are some services which developers can use to do crowdsourced translating. For example, Mojang used crowdin for translating Minecraft into a plenty of languages. @InterAction_studios maybe this is a possibility? Since it’s the biggest game yet, there could be many languages and everyone could help you.

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Yes, the translation would not hurt, for example, I can translate the game into Russian. But, since the waves are taken from CI4 and CI5, the translation can be taken from there.

Localization is on the (long-term) roadmap. Right now there are enough problems as it is without also trying to keep languages in sync.

@cook1ee Crowdsourcing is an interesting idea.


The only downside to crowdin is that, according to the eula, you need to be 18 years of age to participate. Maybe you find a service where everyone can easily take part in. You could also already start to collect translations and put them in when it’s time.

You’re croatian? Pa brate! Šta ima?

I would be very glad to help translate in Romanian if the services isn’t 18+

I’m willing to help with English-language proofreading. I’ve noticed a couple of little oddities in CIU. I’m a considerably better writer and proofreader in English than I am a gamer. :roll_eyes:

I want a bulgarian language but this will never happened :frowning: However when i ask someone: Are you play chicken invaders? He said: Whoaa yes i played it on my pc when i was a kid, it was very fun. In my country may this game have some popularity but in casual terms.

They have some trouble about English at the moment so they cant

There will be

They will redesign it.

In my deram I was playing Christmas Eve Crisis and in the options I saw: Select language Translate by Crowdin

translate the game into Portuguese plis

If you notice any problems with the English text, please post them here or use the in-game “feedback” option.

It’s too soon to have a complete list of all text available yet – at this stage, it’s being changed on a daily basis.

I already sent a note about the items I noticed, using the “feedback” option. I wasn’t sure how to make sure that got noticed – in my experience, software developers tend to regard that kind of thing as being of rather low priority.

Thanks! We do go though everything you send us but sadly we can’t fix them all at once. Our to-do list currently has over 600 items, and some of them are game-breaking bugs. But everything will eventually get fixed.


And I should clarify that I’m a software developer. :slight_smile:

Some of the spelling and grammar mistakes I encounter are pretty dire.

There needs to be hebrew language

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Thanks for rewiving that topic. Wanna read all messages before sending this message. Dont bump old topics.


@InterAction_studios please add hebrew language to the game and make it work the same as it works in Chicken Invaders 4

They won’t be adding it anytime soon, as the game is not finished.