Game just crashed when i pressed "Disconnect"

I was flying a mission but after a while i pressed the “Disconnect” Button in the first wave but suddenly the game crashed, Oh, and Multiplayer mode was off and I’m playing this game on Android

I joined a multiplayer game and… Game crashed when i pressed leave button…

OMG! Same thing happened when i pressed “Cancel Mission” iA HELPP! I’m forced to fly this mission!! …Bruh it crashed the game but also cancelled the mission… Weird…

Watch this video for more details:-

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Try reinstalling CIU if you have modded it

If it still crashes then contact iA

Idk how to mod CIU on Android, also the game stopped crashing without doing anything…

Have you been doing any changes to your mission configuration (loadout) before starting this mission?

No :frowning:

I’ve looked at your crash reports. Sadly (and weirdly), no logs are present, but I can see from the minidump that it’s a threading issue. Possibly the OS issuing a “low-memory” warning on the exact frame that the disconnection occurs? Unsure. I’ll look into this some more, but these transient crashes are very difficult to debug, so I don’t hold out much hope.

What are the specs of your Android device?


Yes, my phone storage was very low when i was playing CIU this could be the main reason.

My Phone specs:-
Android Version: 10
RAM: 6.00GB
ROM: 128.00GB
CPU: Helio G70
ABI: arm64-v8a
SDK: 29

I hope that helps.