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Hi, I need help I downloaded the game 3 or 4 months ago (old windows) … and I installed new windows and I downloaded it again but the game couldn’t find my previous data (i was having the old game data) … is there is any solution?

Ask InterAction studios to recover it if you had a lot of progress done on that account

You’ll need to provide its callsign


Sorry, but what is the callsign ?? :sweat_smile:

Do you see this textbox and the button next to it? This is your callsign. (this is just an example)
Also you open it by going to this button:

Question: Did you had the old data stored on your new windows computer?
If so, delete the previous version (for example, 46) folder if you played new version and the game will take data from the previous version folder.

Let me provide an example:
You have played v46, delete the folder and the game will take data from that folder and make a new folder named v47 with the data from v46.

Location of your save: C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\xxx


Is your Windows.old folder still there?

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Oh, it’s only your in-game nickname

pretty sure he don’t have one so he asked “What’s a callsign?”

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