Galaxy view messages


I think that in the galaxy view there players ſhould be able to meſſage each other. This is how I think it ſhould work: There ſhould be a button on the left to ſend a meſſage which when clicked ſhould ſhow ſome kind of text box. The meſſages ſhouldn’t be to anyöne in particular, but rather you’re ſcreaming into the void. When the meſſage is ſent, it ſhows up in the ſpeech bubble uſed in earliër games on your ſpaceſhip. Other playërs who zoom in enough to ſee your ſhip clearly will then ſee the ſpeech bubble as well, with the laſt thing you ſaid and the time you ſent it, but only for 24 hours. The reaſon for this is ſo that the chat can be uſed for things like “Hi Bob, fancy ſeeïng you here! I juſt craſhed really embarraſſingly on a level 0 miſſion.” and that way it only ſhows up when it’s relevant. Obviöusly the chat is not to be uſed for important things like bug reports, &c.


Something similar to this?


Something like that, yeah, but the message doesn’t show up in a “Global Chat”, it shows up in a ballon above your spaceship.


Yeah. Sorry, I ſhould’ve commented on your poſt, but I wrote this when I was leſs than fully awake and couldn’t be bothered to find it, having only a vague recollection of its exiſtence. I think it would be better ſo that if people are chatting on the other ſide of the galaxy, it doeſn’t ſhow up to everyone, allowing better diälogue between two people on the ſame planet, for example.