Galaxy view glitch

I juſt had a problem when I went to a Gus’s gas, entered orbit, and left orbit without buying anything. At this point I could no longer move around the map. My mouſe clicks were clearly regiſtered, as I could move my mouſe only when the button was not preſſed, but not when it was, beſides which all the buttons worked normally. My ſcroll wheel didn’t work either. I would like to be able to tell you if the ± buttons worked, but the game juſt exited with a “other ſide cloſed connection” error, ſo there you go. Anyway, I opened the game again and everything was back to normal.

EDIT: It juſt occurred to me that I couldn’t’ve tried the ± buttons as the button at the bottom of the ſcreen was the “enter orbit” one, referring to Gus’s. Hope this helps.

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Sounds like my Wierd bug.