Galaxy Traveling

  1. In the image, I want to choose the entire star system but when i click on above cursor location it doesn’t choose anything.

  2. When i choose a planet, i want to travel to that planet in particular so i want “Travel to planet”, “Travel to wormhole”, “Travel to aftermarket”… etc option beside “Travel to star system”, i think of “Travel to chosen location” maybe i’m not good at english.

3. Are wormholes star systems?


From a technical standpoint yes because black holes are stars that collapsed into themselves. It’s hard to explain, that’s the simplest way to put it.

I’m not sure if IA defines these as black holes or wormholes, they’re different and wormholes are only theoretical. It’s yet to be proven whether they exist or not.

I think IA meant to do it like this because new star systems are unknown, so you “can’t see” new planets as well, but you can see stars themselves.

However I’d like to have “Travel to planet” for example for visited star systems, QOL.


You need to zoom out one more level before you can select the star system. I’ve fixed this in v.48 (:medal_sports: Bug), but this means that you’ll need to zoom IN one more level to be able to select individual planets.

It was disproportionately complex to create an itinerary to go to a particular planet, so I just put it on the list for a later date.

They are in CIU. Less exceptions -> more maintainable code.


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