Galaxy Map [search]

I would like to introduce here a new game option (edit: it really is a remasted option) that allows you to find the star system and its contents more easily.

we can find here the following things, among others:

  • the entire galaxy map

  • locations of various stations and shops

  • information about the galaxy (which we are currently in and which we are searching for)

-entering the coordinate system

And now in detail:

  • your location is always marked on the map with a white dot

  • if you are looking for a star system in which “Heroware” is located, after clicking this option in the panel, all its locations will appear in the form of green dots (! Warning! locations are set by accident because I do not know the entire galaxy).

-after pointing to a star system, a note will appear about what can be found there

  • if you want to go to a galaxy of your choice that you have not visited yet, a message about an unknown location will appear in the form of question marks or “unknown”

-after selecting the galaxy, you can turn on the “Plan your trip” option, which automatically leaves the map for you and the option to fly to this star system immediately pops up (like now in game)

-if you are looking for a specific location of the galaxy, e.g. if there is some rare thing in Heroware and your friend has given you the location of the place, just enter this code and turn on
(by the way, I will add that each location entry is shown on the map as a white plus)

I will also add that inspired by this idea:

you will be able to add pins with your favorite location to the map, and each pin can be changed in color


That’s good but…

It’s a custom modification for the exterior


holy shit.

that’s some VERY good visual work, i like the little details suck as the chicken figurine on the desk. as for the idea itself, that’s really cool, and adds that bit of charm to the game


I think this is a fantastic idea. We need this feature! It’s so difficult navigating throughout the map. :egg:




hihi I was just inspired by it :laughing:


Pretty good idea,especially the map pins.

this is so good

This is amazing

This sounds like a cool idea

And I would better If the missions are also Included, This is Going to be helpful If you want to fing Key rush Missions

The challenge of earning the Exploration medal is to explore. You then make your own progress through the Galaxy. It is a medal that takes time and money. I was very proud of myself when I earned it because it was one of the big challenges in the game. If you have explored the Galaxy this would not be necessary anyway. Be well all…

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It seems map markers are suggested more often these days.

There’s nothing challenging about it. It’s just grindy because it takes time and doesn’t require any skill.


I’m not saying that you need skill to explore. You need keys. You get keys by flying missions. Then you get gas. This is where you need skills. Be well all…

Exploration gives more keys than you waste on travel. Besides, requiring skill for the actual mission doesn’t mean that there is skill involved in actual exploration, at least when the said skill is just obtaining a currency. That is extremely flawed logic.

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If exploring is your goal then you will need fuel, You will require keys for this. Keys are either purchased with cash or earned in a mission. Missions I choose are ones that are new but just above my skill level. I tend to loose pilots but learn from their loss. Keep the Galaxy safe. Be well all…

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I like those designs. Damn! It is a good idea tho


Pins my beloved

this gives me space quest vibes

That’s a great idea!
I hope iA will add it in the future update :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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I rethought this idea. Pins are a benefit, but the galaxy should not be exposed. The pilot only has access to what they have explored and can pin anywhere they have been. Is there a limit on how many pins? Be well all…


its okay for recruits to pin areas that they are saving up fuel for, though