Galactic Cup (squadron version)

Like Galactic Cup, but only 2 stages: qualification phase and K.O phase.

  1. Qualification: You must fly a qualifying mission. 256 (number of players decided later by @InterAction_studios ) with the highest score will move on (only the most recent flight will be counted).
  2. K.O phase: 256 people are divided (randomly) into groups of 4 people, paired with another group. Each person in the group will be paired with one person in the opposing group and fly a single mission. If you win, you win 1 point for your group. If your group wins 3/4 matches, your group can move on. If there is a draw, there will be a tie-break match between any two people from the two groups (so there will be 1 day between match days for tie-break matches (if any)). If you do not fly a mission within 1 day, you will be considered defeated and points will be awarded to the other group. The deeper you go, the more the number of reward keys for your group increases. The winning group will receive a trophy and key (new Cup for this, maybe?)
    Mission type: The first 3 days of competition can include chicken invasion, boss rush, squawk, comet, meteor, supernova (tie-break matches too). The last 4 days will be hybrid (if there is a tie, tie-break any mission and any length in the genres chicken invasion, boss rush, squawk, comet, meteor, supernova).
    Equipment: Optional.
    Thanks for reading. If you have any comment please write it down below for discussion.

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